Top NFT Avatar and PFP Collections on ETH

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Top NFT Avatar and PFP Collections on Ethereum ETH - You Should Know

Was ETH first blockchain who allowed NFT's?

No, Ethereum was not the first blockchain to have NFTs. The concept of non-fungible digital assets existed before Ethereum, but Ethereum made it more accessible and easier to create and trade them.

The first blockchain-based NFTs were introduced on the Bitcoin blockchain through a project called "Colored Coins" in 2012. Colored Coins allowed users to assign unique properties to specific bitcoin transactions, essentially creating a form of digital asset that could be traded on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, Colored Coins never gained widespread adoption and the project was eventually abandoned.

In 2017, the Ethereum blockchain introduced the ERC-721 token standard, which allowed for the creation and management of non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum network. The ERC-721 standard provided a standardized way of creating and managing unique digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain, which made it easier for developers to create and trade NFTs. This led to the explosion in popularity of NFTs that we are seeing today.

So while Ethereum was not the first blockchain to have NFTs, it played a major role in popularizing and making NFTs more accessible to a wider audience

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NFTs can be used to represent anything, but avatar or profile picture projects, also known as PFP projects, are a popular type of NFT collection that have taken the crypto world by storm. These projects typically consist of a collection of unique and quirky avatars that can be used by community members as their social media profile pictures. If you are interested in investing in these types of NFTs, it is important to stay informed about the best projects out there. Here are some of the top PFP ETH Ethereum projects you should know about:

Bored Ape Yacht Club: (BAYC)
This collection features 10,000 unique ape-themed NFTs with a dedicated and enthusiastic community. It is one of the most popular and valuable PFP collections in the market.

One of the first NFT collections, CryptoPunks features 10,000 unique 8-bit characters with varying attributes, including accessories and hairstyles. 

In case you are interestes to buy quickly one of the CryptoPunks, you can check out which one are for sale right now here:

This collection of over 10,000 hand-drawn avatars features unique and imaginative characters with an engaging community. The success of the Doodles lead to the soon launching Doodles 2 collection you can check out here:

A collection of zombie-themed NFTs, Deadfellaz offers 10,000 unique avatars with varying degrees of decay and zombification. In case you like crepy Halloween and Zombis deadfellaz are for you!