NFT Glossary

In the context of NFTs, "degenerated" refers to a particular type of NFT art that features intentionally crude, low-quality or unrefined designs. 

This style of art is typically created for humor or satire, and has gained popularity in recent years as a subculture within the broader NFT community. The term "degenerated" is a play on the term "degenerate," which in this context refers to the low-quality or intentionally crude aesthetic of the artwork.

In the context of Web3 and NFTs, "degenerated" refers to a type of art that is intentionally unconventional, strange, and often provocative. The term "degenerated" is used to challenge traditional artistic norms and create new forms of expression that can be experienced and owned through NFTs.

One idea behind degenerated art in the NFT space is to create a new type of collectible that is more reflective of the current cultural and social landscape. Degenerated art challenges the traditional ideas of beauty and value in art and instead seeks to represent a wider range of perspectives and ideas.

Another idea behind degenerated art in the NFT space is to create an art form that is accessible to a wider audience. By using digital media and blockchain technology, degenerated art can be easily distributed and owned by anyone, regardless of their geographical location or financial means.

Some well-known collections of degenerated art on the Solana blockchain include "Degenerate Ape Academy" and "Solanart." Both collections feature bizarre, often grotesque artwork created by a community of artists and collectors.

On the Ethereum blockchain, "Bored Ape Yacht Club" is a popular collection of degenerated art. The collection features a series of unique, cartoonish ape characters that have become highly sought-after by collectors. Another well-known collection is "CryptoPunks," which consists of 10,000 unique pixelated characters that have become highly valued by NFT enthusiasts.

Overall, degenerated art in the NFT space represents a new form of artistic expression that challenges traditional norms and seeks to create new value systems for art in the digital age.

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